Stratum Benefit Covid-19 Survival: Checklist


If you’re a little uncertain about the upcoming Coronavirus lockdown and you want to see if you’ve covered all your bases, we’re here to help! Have a look at our countdown lockdown checklist to see if there’s anything you’ve missed:


1: Check your data

You don’t want to be without data for video calls with friends and family, games, Netflix and chill time. You can still top-up during the lockdown, don’t panic! But you might as well be prepared and add this to your lockdown checklist.


2: Grocery shop for about a week

Don’t stockpile food for the next 21 days! Shops will remain open. Just get enough to get through the next week or so (so you can still drastically limit the number of times you leave the house). Don’t know what to buy? Check out our shopping list as well as some recipes using left-overs as part of your lockdown checklist.


3: Get your meds

If you need medication, go get it. Pharmacies will stay open, but it’s worth getting a week or so in advance. That includes meds for your pets!


4: Get pet food

A very important lockdown checklist item – don’t forget to also stock up just enough for your furry friends for the next few days!


5: Check in on your family – especially the elderly

Call your family and see if they need anything while you’re out… especially if you have elderly family members who can’t get to the shops. Now is the time to reach out and help wherever you can!


6: Prepare financially

Speak to your broker or financial about your insurance portfolio to make sure you’re covered. If you are a business owner, have a look at the government’s small business debt relief fund to see if you meet criteria for help:


7: Have a plan for illness

If a member of your family thinks they have COVID-19, how will you respond? Will you isolate them in one place in your home or not yet? Will they get tested (provided they meet the criteria for testing)? If a parent has to go to hospital, what are the plans for childcare? Have a think about the possible scenarios and plan a solution so you know you’ll be okay no matter what! Call the NICD helpline (0800 029 999), look

And here

Also, make sure you stay healthy and fit. Here are some great workouts from home to keep you physically active.


8: Get ready for a lot of time with the kids

You’re about to spend a lot of time at home with the kids. Get ready! Make sure there is a lot to do and that all the boardgames have enough pieces, set out daily routines that can help pass the time, and stock up on arts and crafts, balls, apps and games! A little more screen time than usual is okay right now. Also – reassure them that everything’s going to be fine. Hug them more.