The financial pinch is bruising everyone and we’ll most likely be sore for a while to come.

Looking at ways to keep busy and still earn money while staying safe at home might come in handy, especially if you’re committed to maintaining your lifestyle and paying those monthly bills and insurance policies.

Here are some suggestions on how to get creative and earn moola to help regain some financial security.


 There are ways to set up a storefront online, but you’ll want to do it quickly and safely, right?

Quicket is best known for its ticketing platform, but in fact, they offer more than just tickets to the latest (now streaming) events.

Why not list your merchandise for sale on their website? On this platform, small businesses can sell “pay it forward” vouchers that allows customers to show some support by buying vouchers that can be redeemed after the lockdown.

If running services like live-streaming, lessons, webinars or workshops are more your thing, you can protect access to your content or service by ticketing it.


Part-time job finding time!

You might miss hearing a colleague ask, “Is it home time yet?” but let’s take a moment and be grateful for the jobs we have. During these uncertain times, any job is a good job to have, wouldn’t you agree?

If you prefer a job with scheduled hours, then finding a part-time job may be the thing for you. From work-from-home customer service positions to remote IT positions, animators, accountants and account managers, there are options available to you depending on your field of expertise.

Check out sites like No Sweat Work. Sign up is free and you can apply for jobs suited to your abilities. Good luck!


Don’t freak out. Tutors aren’t necessarily geniuses. If you’re knowledgeable – and have an average of about 75% in the subject you want to teach – with heaps of patience, becoming an online tutor is a great way to earn money.

Sites like Turtle Jar shows you which top tutoring jobs are available. Once registered and accepted, you’ll be ready to receive job opportunities.


Love thy neighbour…

Take family portraits of your neighbours posing looking out their windows or peeping over a wall and capture those hopefully-never-to-be-repeated-lockdown-moments.  All you need is a camera and computer to edit and send.

Living in a flat or an estate is the perfect location, because whether your neighbour strikes a pose for that oh-so-perfect-picture (and pays you accordingly), or whether you take a sneaky shot of that neighbour who likes to mow the lawn at 7am in the morning, where money is concerned… bribery is an option 😂😂😂


 Crowds of people might not come walking through your gates (please tell us if they do because we’d also like to come for a bit of an outing), but nothing stops you from taking pictures of your unwanted stuff to sell it online.

Facebook has a marketplace section dedicated to selling items like this. Go check it out!

Get your game face on when lockdown is lifted and selling begins.