Chat to the kids the night before

No one likes to be taken by surprise – and kids are no different. Don’t spring a week of homework and classes on them at the last minute. Instead, go through the upcoming week with them, letting them know what video classes they will have, what homework will be coming in, and what will be expected of them. Make a calendar and stick it on the wall so they can follow along!


Clean the work area

It helps to have an area dedicated to schoolwork, away from other distractions. Spend some time cleaning that area, or decorating it before a big week. It doesn’t have to be big; a corner of a room, blocked off by a hanging sheet will do!


Get the tech up to date

Nothing is more annoying than a crashing or dying app. Make sure your Zoom / Skype / Hangouts / WhatsApp are all updated to the latest version. Ensure your laptops, computers, phones and iPads are charged and ready.


Try making a daily schedule – and if this doesn’t work, throw it out.

Some kids like to know that at 8am they will do half an hour of maths followed by an hour of reading. Other kids prefer things a little more flexible. Ask your children what they would like to try and get them involved in making the schedule with you. But remember – if it doesn’t work or you veer off course, don’t beat yourself up. Chuck it and move on.


If you only have one computer, use your USB.

If you are still working at this time and need the only household laptop, make sure you have transferred all the videos onto a USB stick that can plug into the TV. Let your kids watch there, while you work on the laptop!

If the kids are old enough, have them teach the younger ones.
If you have a teenager in the house, ask (bribery also helps) for their help! Give them a book or a lesson plan and ask them to prepare to teach the younger ones for an hour the next day.