If you own your own business – or want to help your company at this time – make sure you’re using these quieter moments to improve your business’ inner workings. Here are 5 things to focus on in your business right now:


Test your website

If this time has shown us anything, it’s that being digital is non-negotiable. Use this time to do a full test on your website. Check its indexing, SEO and UX (you can fix it after lockdown, if you need cashflow, but it’s best to make the list now). Clean your email database, make sure all pages and links work, go through it with a fine toothcomb, and make updates to copy or photos.


Update your employee benefits

Another lockdown lesson: our employees are important, and they need as much support as they can get. When was the last time you checked your employee benefits? Spend some time going through your employee’s medical aid, Gap Cover, life cover and other benefit options – and improve where needed. You can do this via email with your broker.


Keep talking to your audience

The worst thing you can do now is go silent, just because you can’t operate. Use this time to develop a strong CRM, social media and customer retention strategy. Conduct online surveys, contests, raffles and share practical tips to keep your brand top of mind.


Update your paid media plan

While your Google search and shopping paid media are likely paused for now, why not take some time to assess if it’s really working for you? Can you improve or update the creative? When was the last time you assessed what works best – and adjusted accordingly?


Look carefully at your supply chain

As Michael Davies, CEO of ContinuitySA puts it, “Long, complex supply chains are a reality and this greatly increases your vulnerability. Disasters that impact any part of the chain impact every link, and the interdependencies need to be thoroughly understood and planned for.”