Proudly offered as part of our LIFESTYLE BENEFITS  




Our FUEL REWARDS PROGRAMME gives you more bang for your buck every time you fill up at a Shell service station.

No matter which Stratum Benefits Gap Cover or Health Insurance option you belong to, your reward is only a pump away!


Register, fill up and get rewarded with 22 cents per litre of diesel and 15 cents per litre of petrol. Rebates are subject to change.

You’ll receive a monthly statement detailing all your fuel transactions.

An admin fee of R 3.00 will be deducted from every rebate payment due to you. No rebate, no admin fee.

Rebates are paid directly to you within 45 days after each calendar month, or why not opt for December of every year?

There is no maximum amount you can qualify for… the more you fill up, the higher your reward.


Fill in the online form to register your vehicle.

A virtual Shell T-cardwill be sent to you via email which you can save to your mobile phone.

Your unique membership number will automatically be linked to all Shell service stations and your fuel consumption will be calculated on our rebate system.

Read your membership number to the attendant and make sure your vehicle’s odometer reading is recorded.

Prefer a card for your wallet? Herminix (Pty) Ltd, our administrator, will send you an instant payment request for a courier fee of R 75.00, or you can make an EFT payment directly to them.


Stratum Cares has teamed up with A+ Porridge who’s developed a nutritionally packed porridge that has far more nutrients in one packet, than your everyday standard gruel.

Our goal is to feed 500 000 tummies by the end of this year. Together, we can do it!

Nominate Stratum Cares as the recipient to receive your fuel rewards and help make a difference.


Stratum Benefits (Pty) Ltd, an authorised FSP 2111, is underwritten by Constantia Insurance Company Limited, an authorised FSP 31111. Herminix (Pty) Ltd 2012/191099/07, Your Broker House (Pty) Ltd Registration Number 2015/119517/07 in association with Shell Downstream South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Registration Number 2007/016255/07. This document is a summary and does not replace any information provided in your policy documentation. In the event of any differences, your policy contract will apply. Terms and conditions apply.